Our insistance on total quality of Manufacturas Wrakynson starts with the selection of raw materials, and goes on to the whole of the manufacturing process, finishing with a visual inspection just before final packing.

  • Our rubber products are continually checked and monitored by our technical and chemical staff, which are highly qualified.
  • Manufacturas Wrakynson has its own inhouse laboratory (fully authorized). This lab is a fundamental part of the company, where 100% of the parts are endorsed controlling in all the phases the quality. Ozone, elongation, hardness, compression, low and high temperatures are all tests that are performed daily.
  • We check all raw materials from the best suppliers, and we exhaustively verify them upon reception to ensure they are up to standard.
  • Our customers expect us to be a reliable purveyor, capable of delivering the quality they want from us. This can only be possible through controls performed by professionals, making the final product safe, reliable and high quality.